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Walt Disney World® Resort is an amazing place 

The Walt Disney World Resort, sometimes referred to as Walt Disney World or Disney World is an entertainment complex located in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida, the United States close to Orlando and Kissimmee. Orlando as well as Kissimmee. It was opened on the 1st of October 1971 the resort is managed and owned through Disney Parks, Experiences and Products which is a division that is part of The Walt Disney Company. The property is spread across nearly 255,000 acres, of which the majority of it has been utilized. The resort includes four theme parks and two water parks. 29 themed hotels at resorts, hotels that are not Disney, and several golf courses. camping resorts as well as other entertainment venues like the shopping center outdoors Disney Springs. It was designed to complement Disneyland situated in Anaheim, California, which was opened in 1955, the complex was designed in the 1960s by Walt Disney in the 1960s. “The Florida Project”, as it was called was designed to offer an individual vision, with its own distinct collection of attractions. The original plan of Walt Disney included the “Experimental prototype community of tomorrow” which was a planned community that was intended to be a testing ground for the latest city-living concepts. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966, in the planning stages for the community. Click here for more about Walt Disney World® Resort.

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