Cannibeast D8 Vape Cartridge


• Cannibeast exclusive Delta 8 vape cartridges with a signature logo.
• Available in 12 unique flavors.
• Our carts fit a 510 threaded battery.
• Our Delta 8 is derived from hemp, federally legal, and 2018 Farm Bill compliant.

Our carts are a very pure and concentrated product and may be harsh for first time users.

Take 1-2 puffs from the cartridge and wait 20 minutes before determining if you need more.

See Our Lab Test

Age restriction: 21+ only

Shipped only to the states where Delta 8 Is legal.

What is D8?

D8 is a short name for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in industrial hemp. The structure of D8 is very similar to that of D9 or delta-9-THC, often referred to as “THC”.

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Acapulco Gold, Black Panther Lemonade, Bubba Kush, Dr Diesel, Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, Green Crack, Jack Herer, Laughing Buddha, Presidential OG, Sweet Skunk, Zkittlez

11 reviews for Cannibeast D8 Vape Cartridge

  1. 00.dissent-buyout (verified owner)

    Awesome flavor, great head change and superb quality. I love it!!!

  2. 00.dissent-buyout (verified owner)

    So far I’ve tried 7 out the 12 strains. I’m more into hybrids and indica. Every single one has a unique flavor and feeling. Awesome flavor, great head change and superb quality. I love it! I just placed another order with some sativa strains I’ll be back to leave a review. So far all seven are great!!! Loyal CanniBeast customer! One last thing, this company is very professional and have excellent customer service.

  3. Rachael Dyche (verified owner)

    I ordered Grape 🍇 Ape – and is very pleasant (doesn’t have an overly sweetend artificial flavor) it tastes very natural and so far (still only on my first cartridge) it is lasting me SIGNIFICANTLY longer then any of the other Delta 8 cartridges. I am very happy with my order and look forward to working more with Cannabeast and hopefully even collaborating in the future. I will try and update again when I try the other two cartridges I got which are Zkittles, and Laughing Budda.

  4. Shawn Stump (verified owner)

    I began with their Green Crack cart & was pretty impressed.Then I saw on the D8 cart “labs” that Grape Ape was infused with a small percentage of Delta 10,a ingredient I had wanted to try but had yet to.The Delta 8 gets you chilling and the Delta 10 reduces “couch lock”. By keeping u attentive & aware but not overtly so like a sativa .As such it is a good stress relieved that I occasionally use at work( with no issues). Black Panther/Pink Lemonade(Indica) is next on my shopping list.This official site’s prices are way cheaper than the Smoke shop prices ($25/b4 txs).I like your products and look forward to purchasing even more.Have a great day/evening \nite.

  5. Rache Dyche (verified owner)

    Xkitles is fire 🔥 it actually tastes sweet Def my favorite

  6. Shawn Stump (verified owner)

    I am a creature of habit,when I find something I like I stick with it and stock up.I really like the Green Crack & almost can’t believe it took a whole month to vape the cart.In comparison: usually I would’ve gone through and purchased 3 sativa carts in that same time frame.In these financially trying times it’s beneficial & responsible to find a long lasting D8 vape.I probably dropped it 20 times by accident,but besides some scratches it never (really)broke and always continued to work great.So ,that being said=I am ordering Green Crack,again.Cheers

  7. Cherish

    I’ve tried almost all the flavors.My husband and I love thus brand and buy one every week.its definitely our go to.

  8. liacleague

    Honestly from a normal delta 9 smoker. These are so good. I have bought every single flavor and I’m more of a Indica guy but my favorite was grand daddy purp by far. Tbh every cartridge is gas and worth it especially for the price.

  9. spiralgalaxyowl24 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Cannibeast delta 8 carts! After trying so many brands and even the high paying ones do not burn as smooth, taste as good or feel as pure as Cannibeast products.

    I’ve tried:
    Jack Herer
    Grandaddy purple (fav)
    Sweet Skunk
    Presidential OG (fav)
    Grape Ape (fav)
    Bubba Kush
    Black Panther Lemonade (fav)

    I have another Grape Ape coming in the mail right now and plan on trying Green Crack and Dr Diesel next.

    I have not been disappointed with a single product from Cannibeast. Even called them before ordering online and they were most helpful and nice to work with.

    I’m so in love with this company I want to open a shop and sell Cannibeast products.

    Love how they never clog up really at all and if they kinda do it’s super easy to clear. They burn and taste great until the very end.

    And the flavors are AAA+ no chemical taste.

    You simply cannot beat the quality, lab tests, flavor, pricing, customer service and free shipping.

    I am overjoyed and hope y’all don’t change but just continue to be awesome.

    Side note: I travel across the country and everywhere I go I talk about Cannibeast products lol

  10. John Holmes

    Tried a number of different brands of D8 carts and I can say this brand has there stuff together. Way smoother draw not harsh and chemimal flavored, actual effects I can feel is the big thing for me. Most D8 carts ive tried seemed to have no effect on me but the bubba kush cart I bought earlier is off the charts. And I actually paid like half the price as most other brands. Gave 4 stars cause im new to the brand and need further experience to make a proper 5 sar rating but definitely worth a try if u want quality D8 product.

  11. John john

    Shawn stump the panther lemonade is great

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