Cannibeast CBD Edibles 300mg


• Our CBD Edibles are infused with organically grown, hemp derived CBD.
• Each edible bag contains 25g of delicious treats or 2 cookies infused with 300mg of CBD.

Enjoy the benefits without compromising taste. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Offering Bro-Ritos and Cheese Blunt for your salty cravings, and Frutty Buds, Doobie Cookies and Nutty Ballers for your sweet tooth.

Age restriction: 21+ only

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Bro-Ritos, Cheddar Blunts, Doobie Cookies, Frutty Buds, Nutty Ballers

1 review for Cannibeast CBD Edibles 300mg

  1. Mr snoop

    It’s like real dortitos but ganja dream 😛😝😍

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