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D8 drinks by Cannibeast

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is the new and improved version of Delta-9, although they’re quite similar with only slight changes in it’s molecules, which makes all of the difference! Delta-9 simply comes from the Cannabis plant with higher psychoactive properties than the Delta-8. Although Delta-8 is hemp derived, which makes it legal. It still packs a punch but with milder effects.

D8 Hi Shots by Cannibeast

With so many request for a great tasting, high impact delta-8 beverage, our top chemist created a flavorful shot in a 2 oz bottle with 100mg of Delta-8/CBD per shot. Currently, we have 12 awesome flavors available for pre-sale, including a dozen per box at only $54.00 plus tax. Some flavors are caffeine free and/or sugar free so make sure whichever you decide on that’s the right Hi shot for you!

Make a cocktail with your Cannibeast D8 Hi shot!

Looking for a delicious summer cocktail without the booze? D8 Hi shots can certainly be mixed with whatever choice of alcohol free beverage of your choice. We’ve got a mixologist ready to create some unique cocktails for your enjoyment!

Ready to pre order yours now?

Pick a flavor and check out. Here’s a list of 12 flavors available on pre-order while supplies last. We will send you an email when your package is on the way. See below for our available D8 Hi shot flavors available

D8 Shot

Interested in trying D8 Cartridges?

Check out Delta 8 Cartridges by Rolled Green

7 awesome flavors